Happy Holidays and a Happy 2021 from Tempco

This 2020 is turning to an end, and every year during this period we are committed to find a special phrase for an emotional email, to be sent to a list of people who collaborated and collaborate with us.

This year I wanted to do something different. I thought about making a video, similar to the ones we are currently using to maintain our social relations.

While preparing this video, I asked myself what this New 2021 will bring to us. And I’m sure there will be a huge increase in artificial intelligence applications, employed for control and monitoring of industrial plants. Everyone speaks about Industry 4.0, but in the utilities sector, in which Tempco operates, this is something that still struggles taking off.

Well, I believe that in 2021 we will see an increase in these applications, for the control and monitoring of performances of industrial plants, with a fundamental goal, the smart management of energy. I do believe there will be a growth in smart monitoring systems that allow to use energy only when it is necessary, and only in the right amount that is needed.

I believe this could be our mission for the New Year.
I wish you all then a Happy Holidays Season and a Happy 2021!