Brazed plate for renewables and electric vehicles

Talking about brazed plate heat exchangers, the new R series of heat exchangers offers heat transfer efficiency increased by 10%, and is optimized for applications in heat pumps and HVAC systems. Brazing material is copper, for a maximum working pressure in a range of 30-45 bar and maximum working temperature of 200° C.

The BPHE are available with two formats, with maximum number of plates of 120, available with different combinations of plate pattern, H, L or M.

scambiatori saldobrasati Tempco

The application fields are various, starting with HVAC systems and cooling and heating in industrial processes, such as machining centers and machine tools and plastic injection and extrusion systems. Especially interesting are the applications in the field of renewable energy, for example in gear boxes and hydraulic units in wind power generation and as evaporator, condenser and heat recovery in cogeneration and ORC plants. But also in transportation, not only for motor oil cooling in engine systems but also in battery cooling systems in electric vehicles, cars or buses.

Tempco BPHE applications