Heat exchangers and Fuel cells for future clean energy

Fuel cell systems are an innovative technology more and more employed in clean renewable energy applications, able to convert chemical energy from a fuel containing hydrogen into electricity. The wide range of nickel brazed plate heat exchangers offered by Tempco are an ideal solution for this kind of application, allowing space saving due to its compactness, developed in three different series in 9 different sizes.

fuel cell heat exchangers Tempco

High performances and reliability of this plate heat exchangers with special plate design fulfill the wide availability and low to very high temperature requirements essential in order to increase the efficiency of Fuel cell systems. Heat exchangers are indeed an essential equipment in several steps of the system:

– Thermal management system (cooling)
Heat recovery
– Humidity control
– Control temperature in reforming reactions processes


recupero di calore celle a combustibile

Nickel brazed plate heat exchangers are suitable for Polymeric electrolyte fuel cells (PEMFC), but also for m-CHP (micro Combined Heat & Power) and CCP (Combined Cooling & Power), both for heat recovery during the process and along the thermal and water management of the Fuel cell system, for example in fuel pre-heating and humidity control entering the fuel cell stack. Among the several developments, from residential to industrial processes, a very interesting application of fuel cells is growing in the automotive industry, with the application of Fuel cell systems in electric vehicles for sustainable mobility of the future.

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3 thoughts on “Heat exchangers and Fuel cells for future clean energy

  1. thanks for info Otto, I know plastic heat exchangers are used in corrosive applications, they have low thermal performances, but sometimes they are the only solution.

  2. Have you a concept for flow optimized plastic heat exchangers, see ASK Forum content of Dr- Axel Müller, HTCO
    If you like more information’s, please contact us. Thank you-
    The media flow is the basic for plastic ( low thermal transfer dats heat exchangers

  3. Simon Mylius says:


    Please can you send further details of brazed plate heat exchangers you can offer suitable for use with deionised water (low temperature PEM fuel cell) in automotive application.

    Many thanks,

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