Cooling towers, first European efficiency standard

The collaboration between industries and the independent certification association Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) led on last October to the publication of the first European thermal performance efficiency standard for cooling towers.

torri evaporative efficienza Eurovent 9/12

The Eurovent 9/12 standard has been developed during the last 14 months and is the result of the joint effort of 10 of the main European cooling towers manufacturers within the Eurovent Product Group Evaporative Cooling Equipment (PG-CT). Eurovent 9/12 sets minimum energy efficiency targets for mechanical draught evaporative cooling products, including:

Open wet cooling towers
Closed-circuit cooling towers
Evaporative condensers (both in forced and induced draught configuration)

The standard indicates good practices in order to ensure strong minimum performances of thermal energy efficiency in evaporative towers, and is available for free download on the Eurovent website.

The joint industry response shows the relevance of energy efficiency issues in the sector, a result of the ongoing discussion throughout Europe on cooling tower efficiencies, crucial for the competitiveness of cooling machinery manufactured in Europe and energy saving targets for users.
Eurovent’s independent subunit ECC is now also running a Eurovent Certified Performance scheme for cooling towers in cooperation with CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) in the USA, to ensure the matching of published efficiency data with the real performances.