Drift separators in cooling towers

Third episode on our video series focused on cooling towers components, this time is the turn of drift separators. Drift separators are components employed in cooling towers to limit water consumption, installed above the nozzles that provide the distribution of water. These components are intended to capture all the water droplets that otherwise would be drafted away by the air flow generated by the forced ventilation coming from fans inside the evaporative tower.

Construction materials are similar to those employed for filling packs, being traditional plastic materials such as PVC and polypropylene.
Thermoformed droplets eliminators is the most employed typology. Also parallel fins separators do exist, but they offer slightly lower efficiency and are usually employed in other types of separation systems, not really much in evaporative towers. In the past, droplets separators used to be made in wood, but nowadays this is an obsolete kind of construction no longer employed.