Small heat exchangers for boilers

In Tempco’s range of heat exchangers, the smaller and by far the more versatile size is probably the one dedicated for residential applications in boilers. Those are represented by the TCB E/F 015CUK series, small size heat exchangers optimized for boiler production, due to their compact design and small dimensions, allowing easy installation where space is limited.

Tempco TCB E-F 015CUK

These heat exchangers for boilers offer high thermal transfer efficiency and excellent energy efficiency, with important costs savings and environmental benefits, being an effective solution in reducing emissions and carbon footprint from residential heating.

Several applications include heating systems and hydronic systems, residential boilers, radiant floor heating, space heating and district heating, central heating and solar heating. Also industrial applications are numerous, such as industrial processes with pressure levels up to 10 bars, various industry process heating, swimming pools and spas.

They can be supplied and designed in multi-pass or multi-circuit versions, in order to be adapted to various operating conditions, always offering easy and quick installation and high reliability.


Technical sheet available here for download: