Vent plate condenser

Plate heat exchangers are suitable for different field of applications.

On chemical and pharma plants we use them as vent condenser from some years with customer satisfaction.

Plate heat exchanger vent condenser

It’s a complex installation both for design and material selection.

Design of this application involve different features

  1. thermal capacity
  2. solvent flow rate
  3. flow pressure
  4. flow speed

Thermal capacity is the minor issue, designer must take in account the last 3 point for correct and functional plate heat exchanger dimension and project.

Compliance of gasket and plate material is the other issue to control with the best accuracy.

On a big plant started on january we set some vent condenser with titanium plates, some other with stainless steel and all with PTFE gaskets.

Plate heat exchanger vent condenser ptfe connections