TREG HCE thermoregulating unit for resin plant

Tempco customer who work in chimica/pharma/food processes, often uses our thermoregulating system, in order to control temperature on their plants.

Usually we supply them turn key plants:


SMART TREG thermoregulating system


In this special plant, customer has hot and cold fluids. To use this existing utilities, Tempco project a plug and play unit, complete of:

  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Regulating valves
  • Recycling pump
  • Expansion tank
  • Safety systems
  • Control board
  • PID temperature control system




The thermoregulating unit goes to customer pre-tested in our workshop.

Customer need also to supply temperature controlled fluid to 2 different units. To give the easy way to go to customer, we made a collector with 2+2 inlet/outlet, complete of automatic valves.

In these last days, our technician was on site to make the last test. The TREG unit work linked to customer PLC via 4-20 mA system, to get easy set-point adjustment from remote.