Soldering connections on brazed plate heat exchanger: how to do

When you need to sold a brazed plate heat exchanger on copper pipes, you need to follow few clear instructions.

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To avoid damage to heat exchanger, please remember to check following points:

The connection of brazed plate heat exchanger is stainless steel, thus, it is necessary to use high containing silver solder to solder with (castolin for instance).

Please follow the guides below:
1.Before starting soldering, the copper pipe and the connections should be perfectly cleaned.
2.During the soldering process, applying soldering flux is recommended in order to protect the pipe and heat exchanger from oxidizing and also help cool down the temperature.
3.The brazed plate heat exchanger should be placed in a horizontal position during the entire process, and place wet cloth around the connection base to protect the heat from conducting to the plates.
4.Silver solder containing at least 45% of silver should be used for soldering. The soldering temperature must not exceed 800°C.
5.When the soldering temperature is too high or the duration is too long, potential consequences include the melting of brazing points or damage of the plates which will cause leakages.