Chocolate chips and cooling

Good start of September and welcome back from summer vacation! And there’s no better way to have a sweet come back than speaking about chocolate, don’t you think? In particular, have you ever wondered how chocolate chips and flakes are made? Once again, it’s an interesting food production cycle that involves temperature regulation tasks.

To produce chocolate chips, indeed, and in fact for every kind of food product that is made in flakes or chips, the warm product is laid out on a conveyor belt made in stainless steel, or in another kind of material which is suitable for food contact. The product is then cooled from the bottom of the conveyor using cold water jets, and therefore solidifies.

The conveyor belt has a defined length in order to achieve the complete cooling of the product. At the end of the conveyor, a sort of scraping blade lifts and scrape off the product from the belt, finally creating chips and flakes. An interesting, simple and brilliant process, which once again requires a cooling application task.

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