Chocolate smoothness and temperature control

An extremely fine and precise regulation of the temperature is a fundamental requirement within the production of chocolate. Chocolate production plants are very sophisticated ones, and in Tempco we have supplied really a lot of different machinery and solutions for the several production steps involved, from conching to refining, through molding and packaging, covering in fact almost the entire production cycle.

The control of temperature is in fact a crucial need in every step of chocolate production. That typical characteristic, which in advertisings is called ‘smoothness’, being that sensation of chocolate melting in mouth and leaving a more or less sweet taste, depending on personal preferences… well, this effect is strictly related on the accuracy on the treatment of chocolate, both in its mechanical processing and the temperature regulation.

Temperature control starts with the conching phase, one of the most delicate production steps aimed to transform chocolate from solid and gritty to smooth and silky. This process employs mono-fluid systems similar to the ones that are used in the pharma industry. In fact, there is a couple of heat exchangers with cooling and heating fluids, aimed to maintain a constant temperature within the conche machine.

Another crucial step, from the point of view of temperature control, is the refining step. Here, the main requirement in related to cooling. And straight forward to the molding of chocolate. That typical glossy look of a chocolate bar, with that precise pattern divided in small squares, is also obtained thanks to a very accurate temperature regulation of the mold where the chocolate is poured.

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