Chillers in cosmetic industry

We’ve recently supplied a couple of chillers for the cooling of products in application to the cosmetic industry. Two chillers are respectively employed to cool down powder products, with power of 10 KW, and cream products, with power of 50 KW.

At the end of the blending process of the different components in a stainless steel mixer, the cosmetic products need to be cooled. Indeed, the temperature inside the mixer rises up, due to mechanical effect of the agitation in the tank in addition to the heat provided by the electrical resistances, in order to ensure the proper and complete mixing of the product.


At the end of the preparation, the chiller cools down the finished product, decreasing its temperature based on a time/temperature range setting to achieve the final packaging temperature point of the product.
The chillers employ water/antifreeze as cooling fluid, and are constructed as jacketed mixer chillers, with the refrigerant fluid flowing inside the jacket. The working principle is similar to the T Coil heat exchangers, offering the same thermal exchange efficiency and flexibility in terms of customizable shapes according to specific production equipments.

On customer’s request, the chillers work on a set point defined for the harshest case (+5°), with the possibility to regulate and set-up the chiller according to the kind of product, up to a temperature of +20°C.

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