Brazed plate heat exchangers for hydrogen vehicles cooling

Hydrogen and fuel cells foster a great opportunity for the deployment of sustainable and clean mobility of future, alternative to electric vehicles. For a project related to a hydrogen truck, we are supplying in several steps a series of brazed plate exchangers, completely manufactured in stainless steel.

The heat exchangers are employed on the hydrogen vehicle to transfer the heat from the cooling circuit of the fuel cell to the main cooling circuit of the vehicle, in order to maintain the two cooling circuits separated.

Tempco scambiatori raffreddamento celle a combustibile veicoli a idrogeno


These are in fact heat exchangers of the same version as common brazed plate heat exchangers, but instead of copper they are completely made in using stainless steel.

The project started one year ago and required a series of sizings and technical refinings, in order to define the model of heat exchangers to be supplied. As usual in these kind of brazed plate heat exchangers, and even more in this particular case, the exchangers have been pressure tested and also passed destructive testing, in order to ensure maximum reliability of the thermal transfer equipments.

testing scambiatori calore veicoli a idrogeno

Tempco testing scambiatori saldobrasati idrogeno


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