Redundant cooling for burners in batteries recycling

We collaborate since approximately 10 years with a customer that operates in the lead-acid batteries recycling, providing special cooling systems employed on the burners within the plants, aimed to the recovery of materials.

These systems present a quite typical composition, which includes:

  • self-draining dry cooler functioning with only water
  • pumping group with 2 redundant pumps
  • monitoring and managing panel

Tempco dry cooler raffreddamento bruciatori riciclo batterie

A peculiar characteristic of the solution is the redundancy of equipments, due to the fact that for this kind of application, requiring extreme operating conditions and working constantly 24/7 during 365 days per year, it’s absolutely necessary to always ensure the availability of the cooling process.

The presence of lead-acids also eventually creates a very harsh and aggressive working environment, and therefore another characteristic is the employ of stainless steel materials for the construction of the instruments.

Tempco riciclo batterie cry cooler


Tempco raffreddamento bruciatori riciclo batterie

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