How to regulate the chocolate tempering temperature

The production of chocolate is a very delicate and complex process, which needs precise levels of temperature, to achieve a high quality product.

One of the basic steps in the processing of chocolate is tempering, that explained in very simple terms is a pre-crystallization of melting chocolate, before the modeling, so as to obtain a stable product over time, which presents a good surface gloss combined with a right internal compactness.

To obtain these results the modern tempering machines use temperature control units, providing heating / water cooling, according to a pre-determined cycle, to precise temperatures, with very narrow tolerances (0.1 ° C). These cycles change on the type of chocolate, but all need for fine regulation of temperature.

The typical tempering cycle passes through 3 stages of temperature:

  • first cooling of the chocolate mass
  • second cooling
  • post heating

The levels of temperature and time are typically between 45°C to 30/32°C and all the steps are verified with appropriate instruments which verify the grade of chocolate tempering.

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