Heat exchangers corrosion in salmon farming

Recently we’ve been contacted by a leading salmon farming, in search of new plate heat exchangers to maintain the fresh water in their salmon’s aquaculture plants.


allevamento salmoni


The customer employs a recirculating aquaculture system technology, with water filtered sevenfold and recycling of all the waste. Fish grows in melted snow water in a closed circulation system that reduces the need for fresh water to below 2%, by filtering and cooling the 98% of it, ensuring a healthy environment without use of chemicals or antibiotics.

The salmon aquaculture requires salty water, that causes corrosion on the exchangers’ plates made in AISI 316 previously mounted. In addition, the previous supplier of the cooling system installed the plates in a wrong way, making the problem even worse.


Tempco plate heat exchangers corrosion


We thus developed a new cooling system which employs titanium plate heat exchangers, in order to ensure that recycled water has the necessary low temperatures and avoiding corrosion on metal heat transfer plates.


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