Plate heat exchangers connections

We spoke about this matter many times, but few days ago, we are making second Yourbeer wort production.

Brewmaster can’t achieve the correct wort temperature, during cooling session, before fermentation stage.

The beer wort flow rate was very low, to avoid oxigenation.

Scambiatori a piastre in un birrificio

Water and beer was connected to plate heat exchanger correctly, but wort flows from upper side and cant flood correctly the plate pack.

Changing the direction of the flows give the solution immediately.

Brewmaster must reduce the water flow rate to get the correct wort fermentation temperature.

scambiatore mosto di birra piastre


What has happened: in the case of low fluid flow, it is preferable to insert it from the bottom, so you get a complete and uniform flooding of the plate pack, resulting in optimization of heat exchange.

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