Hybrid propulsion, electronics on board and cooling for Baglietto luxury yachts

From water to energy, Italian luxury yacht designer Baglietto brings boating into the green transition on the wave of electrification and hydrogen. A revolution in which Tempco is also proudly involved thanks to the collaboration with Baglietto, not only in the Baglietto Bzero project, which uses green hydrogen as the main source of energy for zero-emission navigation (a power unit prototype is currently being tested in port), but also thanks to hybrid electric propulsion, with the aim of implementing sustainability in navigation and the maritime sector.

The video below takes us into an exclusive tour of the new T52 Hydrid Luxury model by Baglietto, a yacht with a revolutionary design in which, in addition to the Italian style details, it is also possible to marvel at the cutting-edge technological equipment. It really feels like entering the control cabin of Star Trek, but we are in the cockpit of the yacht, with advanced electronic instruments on board that control the propulsion systems, touchscreen monitoring panels and large screens with the electrical, radar and AIS (Automatic identification system) to check the navigation status.

Tempco raffreddamento elettronica di potenza yacht Baglietto T52 hybrid

There is a huge amount of on-board electronics, even in the engine room where we are taken towards the end of the video, and which requires properly engineered cooling systems. The foray allows to appreciate the characteristics of the yacht’s hybrid diesel/electric propulsion, which uses two electric motors allowing navigation in hybrid or full electric mode.

At minute 42.40, we then see the Tempco thermoregulation units installed on board, dedicated to cooling the electric power drives (such as electric motors and power inverters).