Questions are NEVER silly, on the contrary…

Very often customers in Tempco have something to ask, and start saying ‘I have a question, but it might be silly… I’m not sure if I can ask you this question, but…’

Well, questions are NEVER silly, irrelevant or useless. On the contrary, questions are very useful in order to better identify the kind of thermal energy management problem we need to solve for the customer. It happens to all of us, when we’re not skilled into a certain domain, and we can speak with an expert in that field we will likely ask something that to him could be taken for granted, or the answer to our question is something that he could be taking for granted. But clearly if we don’t know anything about that topic, we need informations to understand or try to understand it at our best, and by the way giving him some informations that can help him solve our own problem.

That is exactly what happens in Tempco with our customers, when they present us a problem involving cooling, heating or thermoregulation within their production process. Especially while meeting new customers, we do a very in depth interrogatory, asking really a lot of informations, some even redundant. But this is crucial in order to cross all of the data to have double check and validations, being able to clearly understand the terms of his thermal energy management problem. Which is, for example, how much is the amount of thermal energy to dissipate, the temperature level he wants to achieve or which are the production goals he is set to.

Questions are thus NEVER silly, on the contrary they are very useful. Better then to flush a little at the beginning, than to fade later!



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