Magnetic drive pumps to ensure safety in thermoregulation

Why choosing magnetic drive pumps in thermoregulation plants? In our Tempco thermoregulating units using high temperature diathermic oil we always prefer to use this kind of pumps, in substitution of classic mechanical seal pumps.

In this case we are talking about plants using diathermic oil at temperatures up to 250-300° C and also 350° C. Diathermic oil at these high temperatures is very dangerous and potentially detrimental, and it is therefore necessary to avoid any risk of oil leakage.

A magnetic drive pump is a type of pump that employs a magnetic coupling between the motor shaft and the pressurized oil within the rotor of the pump. Thus eliminating any kind of mechanical coupling. For sure this is a choice that entails higher costs, but with no comparison on the perspective of safety that it ensures.

Mechanical seal pumps for high temperature oil do also exist, of course, and they are also very good performing pumps. But when temperatures involved rise over the 180° C, in Tempco we prefer to opt for magnetic drive pumps. Using a mechanical seal pump it’s indeed always possible that issues happen, due for example to a bad management of the pump or for air infiltration, that can lead to cavitation within the pump.

Choosing a magnetic drive pump thus completely avoid all the risks of oil leakage, due to the fact that it eliminates the presence of mechanical seals within the pumping circuit of the oil.


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