Tri-clamp fitting brazed plate exchangers in biotechnology

We’ve just completed an interesting supply in the biotechnology sector, for a manufacturer of fermenters, bioreactors, FTT (tangential flow filtration) and bioprocessing systems. Aimed for thermostatation of his equipments, the customer selected our brazed plate heat exchangers Tempco T PLATE B, in a special version with tri-clamp fittings suitable for applications in pharma production.

biotecnologie scambiatori


Tri-clamp fitting is very common and classic connection type on pharma and food processes, due to the fact that they allow easy connection in assembly and disassembly operations of equipments. At the same time, they prevent pressure drops and ensure easy cleaning operations, without gaps where sediments and production waste could deposit, leading to bacteria growth. Products are in direct contact with stainless steel, and with a gasket which is FDA compliant, suitable for contact with food and drugs.

Tempco saldobrasati tri-clamp biotecnologie


We supply the same kind of fitting also on heat exchangers employed in beer production, wine and beverages in general. Similar brazed plate exchangers and thermoregulating units are also employed by another Tempco customer, who use them on his pharma equipments thus requiring the same kind of execution.

Scambiatori tri-clamp

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