70 bar, 100 bar, 140 bar…high pressure?

Scambiatori di calore a piastre per alta pressione

The most recent applications in the field of refrigeration, as well as a whole series of installations in industrial field, require efficient heat exchangers and especially that they are able to resist very high working pressures.

I speak for example of refrigeration systems that use as refrigerant R744, simply CO2, or of heat recovery systems with superheated water at 200 ° C.

The heat exchangers of the series TPLATE B – C, reach working pressure of 70 bars, 100 bars, 140 bars in the various embodiments and possible to operate at temperature levels so far reserved at more expensive and sophisticated process exchangers.

Compact size, excellent performance of heat transfer and low pressure drop are the three fundamental characteristics. The quality and durability of the C series is confirmed by tests carried out up to the burst test pressure of 650 bar and the test cycle of over 100,000 cycles.