Ship water desalination

Few weeks ago we told you about the ship heaters brazed heat exchangers.

Ships need to produce desalinated water for different utilities on board.

There are several systems, but most frequently used from many years is nirex, which involves titanium plate pack exchangers as condenser and evaporator.


Nirex desaliner titanium plate spare parts heat exchangers

Tempco service division supply hundreds of this kind of titanium plates, as spare on different ships.

Our main feature is: titanium plates on stock.


ship nirex desalination plant plate heat exchanger titanium

From purchase order date, the service division can delivery the complete plate pack in 3 days, directly to ship arbour.

We can deliver the same service for heaters plate heat exchangers. We have on stock a big amount of heat exchangers ready to use… plug and play!


Ship marine heaters with brazed plate heat exchangers


Marine Ship Desaliner and Heater