TREG HCE tires and thermoregulating units

Thermoregulating units TREG HCE are often employed on rubber industry, to heat up or thermoregulate production cycles.

In the last weeks of 2012 we close a supply for a new plant od high performance tires, where ours TREG HCE are dedicated to thermoregulation of cord production lines.

TREG HCE centraline di termoregolazione

At first project was studied to install a central power heating station, to supply superheated water at 140°C.

In a second step project has been modified and customer prefer to install more thermoregulating units, customizing size and flow rate for each step of production cycle.

This custom and smart solution choice give to customer following advantages:

  • energy saving, using units related to real production request
  • best flexibility
  • best temperature customization, related to the single point on production lines
  • best efficiency
  • best safety in order to redundant installation and spare units

T REG HCE plant thermoregulating

Te get the best target on thermoregulating result, the units special features are:

  • PID control
  • remote control via PLC
  • heating section via static relais (SRC)

TREG HCE centraline di termoregolazione