FULL INOX brazed plate exchangers in pharma applications

We’re finally glad to announce that Tempco has widened its heat exchangers range with the introduction of new FULL INOX brazed plate exchangers, therefore with a full stainless steel construction with no filler material.

These special brazed plate exchangers are obtained using a particular welding technology called Diffusion bonding or diffusion welding, which is a solid-state welding technique used in metalworking capable of joining similar and dissimilar metals, thanks to a process employing in conjunction high temperature and high pressure. It operates on the principle of solid-state diffusion, wherein the atoms of two solid, metallic surfaces intersperse themselves over time.

Despite all the sizes are not yet available, however we’re able to produce with this technology exchangers with connections from 1/2” and 2”. This special technology is therefore very interesting and we’re actually providing it to supply come thermoregulating units for the pharma sector.

Tempco saldobrasati per full inox

In particular, an important and renowned customer that manufacturers reactors and filtration systems has decided to rely on Tempco for the realization of TCUs (thermal control units), which are our TREG units, thanks to the expertise that we have in this kind of applications that we can offer.

These thermoregulating units will be equipped with FULL INOX brazed plate exchangers, and of course with an continuous support in terms of maximum standardization.