Italian certification for water treatment in brazed plate exchangers

Our manufacturer partner for brazed plate heat exchangers Kaori has recently obtained an important Certification for water quality by passing a certification process through authorized Italian ICIM agency, that guarantees the compliance to hygienic and safety standards for drinking water applications.

The manufacturer has in particular passed the tests of the Italian DM n. 174/2004 for water quality certificate, a certification for human drinking water treatment and one of the highest standard in Europe for safety and quality of materials. The important result has been achieved thanks to some crucial choices made within the manufacturing process of the brazed plate exchangers, with high quality stainless steel and high purity copper as base materials, passing strict water quality standards after particle analysis ensuring the safety of the final users.

Tempco certificazione qualità acqua scambiatori Kaori brazed plate exchangers


Tempco certificazione qualità acqua scambiatori Kaori ICIM brazed plate exchangers

As stated a note by the company, water is indeed one of the main ingredients in modern chemical and food industries, a reason why water and especially drinking water treatment safety is highly standardized in manufacturing, with strict industry standards and certificate in many countries around the world to ensure the public safety. The newly achieved certification showcases the commitment and mission of Kaori in ensuring that its brazed plate heat exchangers are not source of any kind of contamination, maintaining the air quality and also the water quality within the production lines, in order to prove product reliability and offer peace of mind to customers.

In the future, Kaori is also committed to continue proving product quality by standardizing the management system, manufacturing process, and ensuring customers’ safety, rights and interests.




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