Anti-legionnaires equipments in evaporative towers

Let’s focus on another green and environmental aspect of evaporative towers, related to the cleaning of the water and issues coming from legionnaires. The Legionella problem has been widely explained, and mostly very clearly, but the theme of pathogen agents we’re exposed to has turned out being very up to date with the coronavirus outspread we’re going through.

All of the cooling towers nowadays on the market are equipped with all the precautions aimed to make them, let’s say, legionella-free. They are in other words equipped with self-draining basins and don’t have any stagnation spots for the water, that otherwise can cause dangerous bacteria to gather. Cooling towers today are also supplied with dosing systems of chemical additives, aimed to eliminate bacteria and algae, but also to maintain calcium carbonates in suspension avoiding scaling and clogging of the tower, and therefore ensuring the water is always clean.

All the evaporative towers on the market, or installed within the last five years, are thus provided with all the equipments that make them compliant to anti-legionnaires regulations. In case a cooling tower older is installed in your plant from more than five years, you can always ask for the intervention of specialized technicians, as our Tempco service assistants can be, but also your responsible for the water chemical treatments is surely aware of everything that must be done to face the legionnaires issue.