Technical datasheets in thermal machines engineering

Engineering a thermal machine, heat exchangers, thermoregulating units, evaporative towers, pumping systems, pipings and so on, requires the evaluation of many factors, from chemical compatibility among constructing materials to the components sizing, depending on the characteristics of fluids involved, working fluids and raw materials employed in the production process both in contact with the equipments.

Our Tempco site offers in the Resources section a wide selection of technical datasheets and tables for download, a useful engineering help of an industrial thermal machine.

Let’s start with the Chemical compatibility of some metallic and plastic materials, used in components such as pump heads, plates, valves, piping and sealings.

Tempco Chemical compatibility

The list offers initial informations based on manufacturer’s data combined with Tempco’s experience, being aware that chemical resistance of any material depends by several factors, specific in every single industrial application, to be then carefully evaluated in every single case.

In addition, there are also a couple of tables on Chemical and corrosion resistance of Copper and Stainless Steel AISI 316 to water in a variety of chemical factors.

Tempco copper AISI 316

Tempco copper AISI 316 corrosion