Leakage localization in Plate Heat Exchangers

We already discussed the importance of antifreeze a few weeks ago, in order to prevent piping and hydraulic circuits damages in our cooling plants.

Another precious technical topic in the Download section of the Tempco site refers to Localization of leakage in Plate heat exchangers.
Essential because fluids leakage in the plate pack compromises the correct working conditions of heat exchangers.

Tempco plate heat exchanger

Is it important above all to check the plate pack thickness, comparing it to the original dimensions in the engineering project. Then, localizing the leak, usually involving:

gaskets failure
plates damages

Plate heat exchangers leakage

Leakage near the gaskets zone can be connected to an improper positioning of the gaskets, or due to excessive tigthening deformation, as well as loss of elasticity for rubber aging or damages for chemical aggression or high temperatures attack.
Internal leaks are often caused by hole/cracks in a plate, due to corrosion and fouling or to mechanical damage.

And talking about fouling factor, we’ll soon face the issue in a next article…