Brazed plate heat exchangers

Our followers know how brazed plate heat exchangers flexible are, and how many industrial application they can achieve solutions:

  • flexibility
  • reliability
  • compactness

these features with low costs are the most important.

Market offer a lot af competitors, but everyone follows big numbers and standard solutions.

Tempco must is to customize our products in order to achieve customer needs.

Scambiatori di calore saldobrasati per olio

We follow this must also on brazed heat exchangers:

TPLATE B_Pagina_1


  • copper brazed
  • nickel brazed

both with high and standard pressure

TPLATE B_Pagina_2

High level of customization on connections standard and sections…

TPLATE B_Pagina_3

Many circuit configurations…

TPLATE B_Pagina_4

…for a wide kind of industrial application.

TPLATE B_Pagina_5