Flexible brazed plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are suitable for multipurpose use, due to their flexibility

The great turbulence inside the channels get maximum perfermance and thermal coefficients.

Sometimes we need to break this power:

  • viscous fluids
  • high flow rate
  • low pressure drop



Piastra TCP ad alta effcienza


We can achieve different thermal duty, simply changing the chevron angle of plate corrugation.

Now the TCB2100 get the same flexibility, choosing the H, M, L corrugation, in order to achieve the best performance and the best pressure drop.

With new TCB2100 design, you can manage at the best:

  • different flow rate from primary and secondary
  • low pressure drop
  • high thermal coefficient





TCB2100 is the solution for:

  • hydraulic
  • lubrication
  • HVAC refrigeration
  • steam heating


TCB2100_22_5_2013L (1)

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