Dehumidification of biogas, Tempco in the Biomass Guide 2024 of EIOM

A new content is online with the Tempco article for the EIOM circuit related to applications for the treatment of biogas, published in the 2024 Biomethane, Biogas and Biomass guide.

The treatment and dehumidification of biogas is an area in which Tempco is very present, with many plants supplied to contribute to the efficient development of the biogas sector from a green and sustainability perspective. Biogas is in fact a source of renewable energy which is obtained from the anaerobic decomposition of biomass, such as agricultural and food waste, industrial waste and livestock waste. Biogas therefore represents an important alternative source for energy production, which allows the recovery and valorisation of waste materials contributing to circular economy and at the same time helping reducing greenhouse gases.

As a renewable and green energy source, biogas can therefore be used for power generation, to produce heat or power vehicles, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and contributing to energy security.

The article describes some practical applications of systems and solutions for biogas treatment realized by Tempco. In fact, the treatment of biogas consists in the dehumidification of the biogas itself, an essential step to reduce the humidity present in the gas aimed at improving its quality and its usability in endothermic engines and energy production. The technology mainly used is that of compression refrigeration, among the most widespread and effective at this purpose.

The process involves several key components:

Compressor: the raw biogas is compressed to increase its pressure and reduce its volume.
Exchanger to achieve cooling and dehumidification: the compressed gas is cooled causing humidity condensation.
Condensate separator: the condensed water is then separated from the dehumidified gas.

Finally, the dehumidified biogas can be further treated to remove residual solid or liquid impurities.

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