Multi pass plate heat exchanger for hydraulic power unit

Pictured here below is an important plate heat exchanger, that Tempco has supplied to serve a hydraulic power unit. This is a quite remarkable machinery, as easily arguable from its main characteristics:

  • Oil flow rate of approx. 2.500 lt/min ISOVG46
  • Cooling water at medium-high temperature with limited flow rate
  • Installed power capacity of approx 1.700 KW

The limited flow rate of the cooling water has in particular involved a demanding thermal scheme. The application required indeed the engineering and realization by Tempco of a special multi pass plate heat exchanger with DN200 connections. The exchanger is equipped with plates with a thickness of 0,6 mm and NBR HT gaskets.

Finally, the equipment is in PN16 execution.

Tempco scambiatore multi pass Centrale idraulica

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