Composite fibers and temperature control

The technology of composite materials is in consistent and vigorous growth.

We can find structures in composite fibers from single frames for bicycles, and ending with the realization of entire race and high-performance super-cars, not to mention aviation.

To outline the peculiarities of these fibers on this blog is a futile exercise, on line are more specialized sources. Surely we can say that the perfect temperature control in production processes is crucial to getting the project characteristics.

Composite fiber endurance sport car thermoregulating unit

We have developed customized special versions that apply to the switchboards of thermoregulation TREG series, we see cutting edge in this area.

It is in fact important to maintain and regulate the temperature within a well defined range, with very limited deviations, compensating for environmental variations and process very quickly, without for this to have significant deviations from the set point.

Thermoregulating unit TREG HE W for hot water