Merry Christmas… and Smart Heat recovery from Tempco!

This year, in Tempco we want to wish you a warm Merry Christmas in an even smarter way…
An interesting tip related to heat recovery and datacenters comes indeed from Nerdalize, a Netherlands based company. The idea is to combine the growing demand of computing power with the heating need in homes, leveraging on a delocalized network of cloud servers in homes.

Tempco Auguri 2017 Nerdalize cloud server recupero calore

The solution could be an alternative to traditional big datacenters, huge energy wasters that employ 40% of its total energy consumption on cooling and dissipating the heat produced by servers.

Cloud servers at homes would then represent a sustainable computing power source and an immediate source of heating power, decreasing at once both energy consumption aimed at datacenters’ cooling and households’ energy bills, thanks to heat recovery from servers directly in homes.

And with that in mind, the Tempco team would like to wish you a very Warm and Merry Christmas, and our most sincere wishes for a Happy New Year 2018!